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The finest photos from independent Photographers…

             Access the best photographs by dozens of the best photographers. This means you have your choice of different techniques, styles and types.

Reasonable cost…
             We charge $20 and up for excellent photos. Yes, some sites charge less, but not for high resolution quality photos. We believe in charging a reasonable amount for fewer higher quality images rather than a small amount for a large quantity of mediocre images. Every image gives you the high resolution quality you need. Remember, all the photos are much higher resolution than you see on this site.

Royalty free…
             We have very few restrictions on the use of our photos. First, you can purchase the images on a per project basis - This means you pay the same whether you are printing 100,000 direct mailers or 1 display advertisement. Second, you can purchase exclusive use of a particular image for just 3 times the cost of individual use. Just adjust the Paypal invoice accordingly and add exclusive to the note field. Third, all images are copyrighted by the Photographer, but cropping and manipulation is fine as long as you do not put people in images that most people would disapprove of.

Easy to purchase…
             Simply click on 'add to cart' and you will be securely transferred to PayPal to complete your transaction. You can then pay with a credit card through your PayPal account. Once confirmed we will email the photograph directly to you. For larger quantities we will send you a CD, so be sure to add your address to the Paypal notes field.
We will email or send a CD with your files, whichever you prefer.

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